MyLilius: The Frontier of Personal Data

Lilius’ purpose is to provide an infrastructure for consumers to take control of their data. We are not in the business of collecting and selling data- rather, our goal is to create an infrastructure that allows us to transport user data without having access to it.

You can picture Lilius as a freight train. The goods being transported are the consumers’ data. The train itself and rails are MyLilius. So if a user wants to store their Facebook (FB) data to their POD, the departure location of the train would be Facebook and the arrival location would be their POD.

Their train itinerary would look like this: FB → POD

Instead of paying to transfer their cargo, users will earn money. They will be paid by Lilius for the right to transfer data on behalf of the user. Users will earn Kin for that right, as well as for every week that they keep their POD active.

Alright. Now the user has their data in their POD and is getting paid. Say the user gets an offer from a company to buy their data and the user accepts it. Their data now has to send their freight to a new destination. Let’s say a user accepted an offer from an advertising company(AC) that wants to buy their FB data.

Their train itinerary would look like this: POD → AC

This ticket price is interesting though. The buyer of data will pay for the ticket. The seller (user) will receive 70% of the payment and Lilius will receive 30% for transporting the data. For example, if a company is paying a user $100 to buy their Facebook data from them, Lilius will receive $100 for the ticket. The user will then receive a payment of $70 for the sale of their data and Lilius will pocket $30.

Additionally, as Lilius releases products that leverage consumer data, Lilius will also pay users for their data like a normal buyer would.

Their train itinerary would look the same: POD → Lilius Product

In this example, Lilius is the collection of all parts of the train transport system. Broken down, MyLilius is the train and rail. The train’s cargo is user data. The destinations are third-party data providers, data storages, or data buyers.

We are very excited to bring this product to all of you. The team at Lilius is currently working very hard to create an amazing user experience, an experience that stays with you even after the app is closed. You all deserve to have the ability to have your data work for you. Because at the end of the day, it’s your data. So it’s your choice.

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