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MyLilius gives you the tools to reclaim your digital identity and maximize your life, via our very own DOT Technology. MyLilius created Digitally Optimized Twins (DOTs) to give you an easy way to interact with your digital self. A DOT is a representation of yourself. You gather, store, and organize your data as your DOT to unlock value in your everyday life. The more data you store, the more you teach your DOT, the higher your DOT level climbs. Your DOT level is a numerical representation of how mature your digital self is. A mature DOT means more opportunities for your digital self to work on your behalf.

Interacting with your DOT

MyLilius turns reclaiming your digital identity into three easy steps: Store, manage, and utilize.

Store- The first step to taking control of your digital identity is to securely store it in a location that is accessible only to you. Currently, your digital identity is spread across the internet and in the databases of all your favorite apps. Creating a DOT gives you the ability to reclaim your data and take your first step towards digital freedom, by providing you with a secure location to organize and store your data.

Manage- Once your digital identity is reclaimed, manage it. Properly managing your DOT allows your digital identity to work on your behalf. This means as much as correcting errors in your data, to even revoking or granting access to your DOT. Think of managing your DOT as training a new apprentice. You teach your DOT what you want it to know about you by completing MyLilius lessons, in order for it to have the skills to work on your behalf.

Utilize- Your digital self can finally work on your behalf. Personal data is a resource that comes directly from you. Imagine this: You can continuously create oil out of thin air. You created it, so you own it. What would you do with such a valuable resource? Trade it, sell it, or never go to the gas station again? We can all agree that with unlimited oil your options are limitless. This could be an outstanding power! Unfortunately, unlimited oil is not currently possible. However, every action, decision, and connection you make creates a resource as valuable as oil. That resource? Data.

Own your data and you can own that power. Gain a vast amount of value, by just being yourself on MyLilius. Once you make your DOT you will be able to utilize all your self-generated data and make it work for you. Whether you decide to sell your data as passive income, utilize your data to network, or find unique deals before you ever step into a store, the limitless choice is for once, only yours.

MyLilius 1.0 provides two main utilization options for your data.

  1. Data Pools- Opting into a Data Pools allows you to anonymously combine your data with others and sell it to businesses. You earn every time a business buys a data pool you’re opted into .
  2. Social- Let your data connect you to the world. Using MyLilius socially connects you with others that share identical interests and traits as you. With MyLilius you can curate a social following that shares a personal connection with you(hobbies, favorite shows, favorite movies, best ice cream shops, your favorite time to go bar hopping, etc..). Additionally, MyLilius Social breaks the box traditional social media puts you in. With MyLilius Social you determine what type of profile others see. Allow your coworkers to connect with you via your professional profile or let your fans connect with you via your artists profile. You can create a profile for however you want the world to see you.

In a wrap, MyLilius is a mobile application that takes great steps towards a better digital self. We want to help you learn, grow and network the way you were meant too. And at no cost to you, we ask, what’s stopping you from saying hello to your digital self?

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