Introducing MyLilius

Hey, Anthony from Lilius here!

About a month ago Lilius was accepted into the second round of the Kin Developer Program. You might be wondering what Lilius is- well, it’s the future of consumer data. We noticed there is no mainstream platform or infrastructure for consumers to manage access to their data in our current world. As one of the world’s most valuable resources, consumer data is limitless but powerful beyond measure. Oddly enough, however, consumers’ access to their own data is limited and there are hardly any regulations regarding profiting from consumer data. We wish to change this reality and revolutionize how the world approaches consumer data.

Lilius’ mission is to create an ethical industry standard for consumer data use. We plan on doing this by first creating MyLilius. MyLilius is a mobile application that will serve as an access point for users. With MyLilius, users connect their online data to a secure POD (personal API). With the PODs, users can analyze their data, lease it, and/or license it to a company, creating a public market of consumer data. More than anything, we want to give consumers the tools to hold rights to their own data.

What is Kin?

Kin is a cryptocurrency that gives value to content created online. The purpose of Kin is to evenly distribute the wealth that users generate through content. The Lilius team decided to apply to the Kin Developer Program not only because of their mission, but also because it is an ecosystem that is supported by 35+ other mobile applications. Users can earn kin by completing tasks and spend kin on just about anything.

You can read more about kin here:

What is a POD?

In layman terms, a POD is a completely secure place for users to store their data. A POD will act as a personal API for your data, giving you the authority and right to lease, license, or sell your data.

One of the great things about tech is the expansive room for new ideas and a community that can make the impossible possible. We want to be a service that individuals can use to truly take control of how their data is used and who is profiting off of it. Our goal is to revolutionize the consumer data industry.

How will we do this?

We plan to accomplish our goal in 4 phases. Our first step is to establish an infrastructure for users to direct their data to and store in a truly secure POD. What this looks like is our initial app where users can connect their social media accounts through a login API. You guys can also take surveys from third party services. All data collected, no matter where from (surveys or social media accounts) is automatically deposited into a secure POD that only you have access to. This POD will act as a personal API for your data, giving you the authority and right to lease, license, or sell your data. Users can earn kin by:

  1. Completing surveys (Kin per survey)
  2. Allowing MyLilius to broker your data on your behalf (Kin weekly)

We want to make it very clear that MyLilius has no rights to access your data without your explicit permission. Additionally, the money received for selling data goes directly to you.

Lastly, phase 1 will include a marketplace to spend your kin on. The marketplace in phase 1 will only allow purchases of gift cards.

Phase 2: In phase 2 we will be expanding the services we accept. What this means is that we will continue to build the infrastructure for users to connect their bank accounts, amazon accounts, streaming platforms, and many more to their PODs. The goal for phase 2 is to give our users the ability to connect any service/platform to their PODs.

Phase 3: Phase 3 is where things really get interesting. By this point we have established a secure and reliable infrastructure to support millions of PODs and users have directed their data to a secure and central location. Now we will begin to roll out “Offers”. In Phase 3 users will begin to receive fiat offers from outside companies for their data. Not only will we be enabling fiat offers, but we will also be expanding the marketplace to include an expansive list of products and services. In the new marketplace users can spend their kin and/or fiat on things such as gift cards, apparel, POD skins, and many more products.

Phase 4: Phase 4 is where we expand our goal. We will be introducing “Lili”. Lili is a companion AI that analyzes a user’s consumer data for them. Lili will have the capability to answer questions about your data, show how your data is being analyzed, and suggest products/services that may interest a user(based on the full collection of his/her data).

The Lilius team is very excited to bring MyLilius to the world. We strongly believe that you guys have the right to make your own choices about how your data is used. Your data. Your choice.

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Your Data. Your Platform. Your Choice.