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  • Ryan A. Caudle

    Ryan A. Caudle


  • Alexey Shabarshin

    Alexey Shabarshin

    General Partner@pre-seed VC fund,, PhD@Lomonosov MSU with the topic "Autonomous startup scoring model and investment DM system. AI, ML”

  • Takarudana Mapendembe

    Takarudana Mapendembe

    Writer of "Work Smart and Become Rich" available on

  • Crishna Murray

    Crishna Murray

  • Bernard Okereke

    Bernard Okereke

  • Eric Martin

    Eric Martin

    Follower of Jesus, Director of Digital Marketing at My book:

  • Jon I

    Jon I

  • Ravi Jaipaul ★ RN, MSc

    Ravi Jaipaul ★ RN, MSc

    Finding A Personal Life Practice Through Experiments & Never Ending Curiosity. Founder of Yoke Wellness — Wellness Made Simple —

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