MyLilius: Lilicoin represents the value of your Digital Identity!

Lilicoin is an in-app currency that powers the Lilius platform. Lilicoin is a direct representation of how much data is being stored by DOTs. Additionally, Lilicoin represents the total activity on the entire Lilius platform. MyLilius provides users multiple ways to earn and spend Lilicoin.

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MyLilius gives you the tools to reclaim your digital identity and maximize your life, via our very own DOT Technology. MyLilius created Digitally Optimized Twins (DOTs) to give you an easy way to interact with your digital self. A DOT is a representation of yourself. You gather, store, and organize…

Understanding Ownership: Part 1 of the Opinionated Internet (MyLilus)

Data Ownership is a topic that can be approached from many different directions. The responses and arguments brought to the table vary depending on who or what it is in reference to. In order to understand what ownership actually means in a digital age, we have to understand the impact…

Good Evening All,

Effective October 2nd, 2021 all existing Lilius platforms will be discontinued until further notice. All user data will be deleted after November 1st, 2021. If you would like a copy of your data please send us an email at (Please include your DOT name and email)…

Who is Lili?

Lili is a companion AI. Imagine a Siri personalized to you. An AI that knows your preferences when it comes to music, food, clothes, and many more topics. Lili is a “friend” that you can go to when you are hungry, when you need an outfit for the big party…

Hey, Anthony from Lilius here!

About a month ago Lilius was accepted into the second round of the Kin Developer Program. You might be wondering what Lilius is- well, it’s the future of consumer data. We noticed there is no mainstream platform or infrastructure for consumers to manage access to…


Your Data. Your Platform. Your Choice.

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