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MyLilius: Lilicoin represents the value of your Digital Identity!

Lilicoin is an in-app currency that powers the Lilius platform. Lilicoin is a direct representation of how much data is being stored by DOTs. Additionally, Lilicoin represents the total activity on the entire Lilius platform. MyLilius provides users multiple ways to earn and spend Lilicoin.

Download MyLilius:

Google Play Store

iOS App Store (Test Flight)

How can I earn Lilicoin?

  • Mature your DOT by completing lessons
  • Opt into Data Pools and receive monthly Lilicoin disbursements
  • Receive free Lilicoin each day for staying active on the platform.

How can I spend Lilicoin?

There are various ways to spend Lilicoin on MyLilius. Not only are there ways to purchase cosmetic and technical…

MyLilius gives you the tools to reclaim your digital identity and maximize your life, via our very own DOT Technology. MyLilius created Digitally Optimized Twins (DOTs) to give you an easy way to interact with your digital self. A DOT is a representation of yourself. You gather, store, and organize your data as your DOT to unlock value in your everyday life. The more data you store, the more you teach your DOT, the higher your DOT level climbs. Your DOT level is a numerical representation of how mature your digital self is. …

Download MyLilius:

Google Play Store

iOS App Store (Test Flight)

The Lilius Team is excited to invite you to test the MyLilius Beta. A month ago we invited close friends and family to join the team in testing functionality. It is now time to step it up a notch. For those of you who are not familiar with Lilius, we are a user controlled data platform. We offer users the ability to create a Digitally Optimized Twin (DOT) to take control of their data.

DOTs are the centerpiece of MyLilius. A DOT acts as an individual’s digital identity, allowing any…

Who is Lili?

Lili is a companion AI. Imagine a Siri personalized to you. An AI that knows your preferences when it comes to music, food, clothes, and many more topics. Lili is a “friend” that you can go to when you are hungry, when you need an outfit for the big party this weekend, or even when you’re looking for a new shower jam. With Lili, you can rest assured that you will like every recommendation you get.

How do you know I will like the recommendations?

Lili doesn’t see you as a just a demographic or a statistic. You are not generalized by your location, race, or age. Lili takes…

Hey, Anthony from Lilius here!

About a month ago Lilius was accepted into the second round of the Kin Developer Program. You might be wondering what Lilius is- well, it’s the future of consumer data. We noticed there is no mainstream platform or infrastructure for consumers to manage access to their data in our current world. As one of the world’s most valuable resources, consumer data is limitless but powerful beyond measure. Oddly enough, however, consumers’ access to their own data is limited and there are hardly any regulations regarding profiting from consumer data. …


Your Data. Your Platform. Your Choice.

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